Chili Mangas

Chili Mangas

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In a world where fast fashion produces clothing “junk food”, Rafikimono is a conscious response. Rafael Fuchs-Simon and Shaun Sager launched Rafikimono out of their love of unique and sumptuous fabrics together with their desire to make people’s most loved piece of clothing. Rafikimonos are a modern interpretation of a classic kimono. Designed for versatility and comfort, each feels like magic when worn—no matter what the occasion or who you are. Each fabric is hand-selected from around the world and then expertly crafted into garments by our “ates” in Payatas.


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Rafiki Masks are reusable casual face masks designed for comfort and practicality. It has a single tie making the masks easy to put on and take off. It fits well on most faces of different shapes and sizes. Each Rafiki Mask is hand-cut making each piece unique.

NOTE: Rafikimono products are usually made to order. Sometimes your garment might be in stock and ready to ship. But in case we do not have it on hand, please allow 10 days for production time before your bespoke garment is ready for sending.