The People Magic of Rafikimono: A Kimono Brand is Born

The People Magic of Rafikimono: A Kimono Brand is Born
Rafikimono is a people-first brand. Since its inception, we’ve strengthened our brand through the friendships we’ve built–from our hands-on fabric hunting adventures to meeting our first 500 customers in our living room. 
When we first started, we still had full-time jobs so we only had time to work on Rafikimono after work and on the weekdays.  Our living room turned into the Rafikimono showroom. Having our first customers over at our place for an adult beverage was a perfect setting to grow a brand organically. This intimate setting helped us improve faster, seeing what the garments looked like on a spectrum of different people and using their real-time feedback to continually improve our offerings. The casualness of it all created space for honest feedback allowing us to hone in on our quest for creating products that are designed for people of all colors, shapes, genders, and ages. 
Showroom visitors at the opening of Rafikimono
Our hyper personal approach was abruptly interrupted with the onset of the pandemic, especially with no guess to when we’d get back to seeing our customers again in person.  There was a shift in people’s desires to clothing that were both comfortable and stylish, providing an opportune time for us to develop and access a wider market. 
As we’ve grown over the pandemic, our in-person intimacy has transformed into meaningful online connections. We’ve made so many digital  friends since the start of the pandemic, that now we want to reconnect back to our roots and invite everyone  into our showroom to share a glass of wine to celebrate a return to personal connections.
Rafikimono kimono pouches showcasing new prints and colors


In true Rafikimono fashion we’d like to rekindle the joy of in-person connections and let our favorite people be the first ones to see our new collection. Everyone is invited  to come to our showroom for a special two-week preview. From August 9—24, swing by our digs in Poblacion to sip and shop! To make it all the more festive, IRL purchases will have a special 10% off discount.

For those who can’t make it to the showroom due to schedules or geography, here’s a special link to our new online collection so you can be the first to buy.

Thank you. Gracias. Mérci. Suksma. Salamat. 

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