Our Beloved Loop Daddy, Marc Rebillet, Dons Rafikimono From Live Streams to Sold-out Tours

Loop daddy Marc Rebillet wearing red kimono on tour

It’s not all the time that you see your idol wearing your creation, or three for that matter. So when the multi-hyphenate musician Marc Rebillet a.k.a. Loop Daddy donned one of our creations for one Easter Stream in during the middle of the pandemic, we simply went crazy. He wore our Cinco kimono robe coupled with a latex bunny mask that, unlike the kimono robe, the bunny mask stayed on throughout the whole stream… even when he dropped the kimono and was left only in his undies. 

Marc Rebillet Easter Stream wearing Rafikimono
Marc Rebillet Easter Stream on Youtube wearing Rafikimono's Cinco Print
We’ve been following our beloved Loop Daddy’s live streams since the start of the pandemic. We’d get up at three in the morning just to tune into a livestreams as we live literally on the opposite side of the globe from his Manhattan apartment. Like the fanboys that we are, we reached out to send him a kimono robe in the hopes he’d wear one. Six months later, our Loop Baby fantasies became a reality.
Delayed gratification is better than none. 


 Marc Rebillet at Summerstage in Central Park NYC 2021

Photo: Ken Spielman

We were drawn to Marc because he was making the best out of a bad situation, bringing easily accessible joy through people’s screens and infecting their daily lives with it. That’s probably why his following grew exponentially too during the pandemic. When we first got into him, he had less than 100,000 subscribers on his Loop Daddy YouTube channel and you can imagine our excitement seeing his following expand to over two million recently! 



Marc Rebillet in the Rafikimono's Cinco Kimono Robe - The Crystal Ballroom, Portland 

Photo: Blake Sourisseau

Unrehearsed and spontaneous entertainment is rare to find these days, especially when it’s damn good. With a keyboard, loop and beat machine (of course), and a laptop, Marc’s improvised sets bring a playful irreverence, light-hearted fun, and just the right amount of sleaze. He is what we would call the ultimate man of leisure. And of course, such men would require the appropriate leisurewear–and what better than a Rafikimono kimono robe? Marc reached out after his Easter Stream and ended up buying a kimono robe from us. It meant so much that he wanted to support us, so we included an additional full-length Rafikimono Robe to his package just ‘cause! And wouldn’t you know it, he’s worn all three kimonos throughout his 2nd Dose Tour last year. We’re proud Loop Babies, if you can’t tell already. And who knows, maybe one day, we’ll unlock level two of the Loop Baby fantasy: a collaboration with Marc Rebillet.

He inspired us to think about how we can make the mundanities of quarantine fun, which we think strengthened our bonds both as co-founders of Rafikimono and as a couple. Pre-pandemic, we would fly to places like Jaipur and Milan to shoot our catalog but obviously that wasn’t possible given the travel restrictions at the time. Following his make-the-best-out-of-any-situation outlook, we shot our next campaign during the pandemic in our apartment. We wore our Rafikimonos to do everything around the house, be it chores like washing the dishes and vacuuming, or painting our nails and reading books to each other. Life is definitely more fun when you’re making the most of a bad situation and dressed up in our happy clothes. At the end of the day, we share the same goal as Marc: we want to make people happy and celebrate comfort within ourselves. 


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