🚨 New Limited Edition Prints Drop 🚨

Esmeralda is part of our latest New Rafikimono Print Drop

Hello Rafiki Fam!

If you're a loyal Rafiki friend, chances are, you'd want to hear about Rafikimono's latest collection drop. We're sure you may have seen some of the new prints on your IG feeds, but there's more to come. We have more prints coming for a total of fifteen new drops! 

Sultan Chic New print drop rockstars and friends as models


We have to tell you now: this is a limited-release print collection. As much as we'd love for everyone to have the print they want, we source the prints from deadstock fabrics, so they come in limited quantities. These vibrant fabrics would've otherwise not had a home and might have just stayed in warehouses awaiting for aliens to pick them up, but we repurposed them in our way of lessening fashion's carbon footprint. We need to remain intentional while pushing the boundaries of what it means to be environmentally conscious as a fashion brand. Rafikimono garments breathe new life in what would've ended up in a landfill.

Siren 🚨 one of our favorite new prints dropping in limited edition


We don't believe in following fashion's seasonal calendar, either. Though we have fifteen new drops, each piece is cut to your favorite Rafiki classics, from the kimono robes to the shorts, the box pants to the sun hats, and more. We believe in creating timeless, wear-anywhere everyday pieces as an antidote to the culture of overconsumption. We are print maximalists and waste minimalists. The ultimate luxury is something produced ethically, sourced responsibly, and limited in quantity. 

Kuro our newest Rafiki Print in all it's glory dropping today


This time around, we found ourselves lusting over rich jewel tones and 70s nostalgia, so we used those north stars in curating our latest drops.

Capturing the infinite wonders of colors and patterns got us a little excited, I guess. Our friends behind the lens, Andrei Suleik, and Sean Amador captured the creative chaos.  

Magic Hour is our latest dope print available in a limited edition only


The best muses for our cheeky wearables are you, so we spent two days shooting this campaign at the Rafiki Studios with our friends. Our favorite couples (like our neighbors and bffs), the kids of our friends, rock stars, and Poblacion buddies all came out to play with the new prints. Quite literally, it was everyone and their mother.

Tunjo is the golden new print in our limited release collection


You won't be seeing these prints once they are gone, so snag your favorite now! We know fifteen new patterns are hard to choose from, but any Rafiki friend knows that when it's hard to choose between two, getting both is the answer. 

As always, we love to see Rafikimono on you, so please tag us on our @rafikimono Instagram handle. Be sure to follow us there as well if you want first dibs on the new drop!

Arancia and Cinco are newest geometric prints in the Raifkimono collection

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